King of the Rocket Men

by Korsakoffs

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Demo recorded at Skwad HQ 2013.


released September 22, 2013

Recorded by Todd Campbell



all rights reserved


Korsakoffs Bridgend, UK

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Track Name: Johnny B-Good
Johnny B-Good

You’ve washed your hands of everyone, that don’t make ‘em clean
There’s blood on every wall, you fled the scene

A heart that’s black with envy, a shipwreck sunk with gold
This is rock, this is roll, so go johnny, go, go, go

We ride and we ride
Until we reach the summit where the ocean meets the sky
This quiet place, our dreams are all we need
Not a soul, just the waves and you and I.. we fly

I’m not gonna shake your bloodied hand

Well I’ll be, I’ll be the successor, to the throne, the throne of your lies
& I’ll free all the laborers that you walked on to make up your hive

You know the sky’s the limit, so kick a hole in it
That’s your life you’re not living, come on & live it
Track Name: Barbarian Barbara
Barbarian Barbara

Barbarian Barbara, the queen of the brawl
Give her a chance to dance she’ll take it
Give her a bone she’ll break it!
Circle the crowd, a lioness in a lion’s shroud
She stops traffic with her stiletto strut
Her silver slipper fits your face real good..

My eyes roll to the back of my head
The back of my head
I see the castle crumble in your hands

Let’s shake the lens until the colors blend
We’re comatose in the imaginarium
The infrastructure of a solitairium is caving in, it’s caving in
Let’s blur the lines between pleasure and pain
Let’s blur the lines until they’re one and the same
Desire lines and vapour trails fading in the aether..

When the road becomes home it’s a choke on the soul
But it won’t spit you out it’ll swallow you whole

Desire lines and vapour trails fading in the aether
We blur the lines between pleasure and pain
Until they’re one and the same.. hey
Track Name: Barks Lungs In Taspic
Barks Lungs In Taspic

I’m headed back into the wild, to make peace with myself..
..make a beast of myself

Drifting down a stream called consciousness
Something sweet to drown out the bitterness
Take me there, that place called empty bliss
In a state of transcendence

Don’t move a muscle an artery or a vein
My mask of sanity is starting to slip.. slip.. I let it slip away
Now miserable wretched sinners let us pray

Fade away, the dogs are on our trail
The moon eclipsed your eyes and sailed into the night

Let us prey.. miserable wretched sinners.. let us prey